Eco XP Unleaded Fuel OCTANE BOOST & Performance Enhancer



Eco Xp is a petrol octane boost giving a better result for your engine at a fraction of the price. Used and sold at the forecourt by fuel stations, it can be supplied from the bowser or from the checkout in different sized bottles for a ready to use application.
ECO XP is an exclusively formulated multi duty unleaded petrol conditioner. For all petrol engines on any grade of fuel. ECO XP increases the octane rating and provides valve seat recession protection.

Fuel Efficiency Improved
Engine Power Increased
Engine Wear Reduced
No Lead / No Alcohol
Safe for Catalytic Converters
Safe for Oxygen Sensors

Eco XP is designed to be used as a single shot octane boost. A system performance enhancer that is added at the time of filling.

Dose rate: 1:400
Available in 250ml, 1 ltr & 5 ltr

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SKU: ECO - 250